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This is Noraneko ・・・ zazen boys
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Welcome to the Zazen Boys' fan community on LiveJournal. Feel free to post any Zazen Boys related articles, images, reviews, or discussion topics that may pop into your head. Discussions of Ahito Inazawa's new project, VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE and Tabuchi Hisako's toddle are welcome, too.

The Zazen Boys consist of Mukai Shutoku (vocals and guitar; former Number Girl frontman), Hinata Hidekazu (bass; ex-ART-SCHOOL), Yoshikane Sou (guitar), and Matsushita Atsushi (drums; preceded by Ahito Inazawa in 2005). All at once an experimental and cohesive band, Zazen Boys are known most for their eclectic style driven by vocalist Mukai Shutoku's unique songwriting and vocals. Accompanied by the gravelly screeches and frantically spat vocals of Mukai, Zazen Boys reels with the fever of frenzied drums banged, strings shredded, and an overall experimentation that can't be matched by any other band. Surely something different and not for everyone, but in the end, something to be remembered by many.

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・ Try to be civil. Incessant rudeness and flame wars will not be tolerated.

・ Pimping your community is fine, as long as it is semi-related. Japanese music/band community pimps are okay, but I trust you to use your common sense in doing so - for example, don't go whoring your Morning Musume community on here, you'll likely be laughed at.

・ Introduction posts are cool. Try it, sometimes.

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Zazen Boys' Official Home Page

Also visit CDJapan and HMV to purchase CDs.

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